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Be Cool - Stay Cool

Be Cool - Stay Cool

Clear or Tinted Film to reduce harmful UV Rays by 99.9%. Reduce in Car temperature by up to 16 degrees and save money...

Skin Protection and Window Tint

Skin Protection and Window Tint

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. This recommendation often comes as a surprise because most people think only of outdoor sun safety when they think of skin cancer prevention.

Meet the - LLUMAR Family

Meet the - LLUMAR Family

Protect your family from shattered glass in a crash or your valuables from smash and grab attacks

About Us have been installing in the auto tint industry in Ireland for over 20 years. Car window tinting has become popular in recent years and is used in many ways such as privacy, UV control, solar and sun protection as well as safety and security, anti bandit and surveillance. At Shades Window Tinting our vision control films along with precision cut films will give you the best possible installation. Appointments can be made through our web site or by calling any of the numbers on this site.

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Film Solar Protection

Security Window Film

Safety Window Film

Skin Protection Benefits


Act responsibly
Discretion with a clear vision
Active privacy for your passengers and valuables – while retaining perfect visibility.
Your personal bodyguard
Effective protection against shards of broken glass in the event of an accident - without hindering rescuers.
Fewer opportunities for thieves
Improved protection against break-in means greater security for your valuables.
Non-stop on air
Does not interfere with signal receprion for your mobile phone, car radio and sat nav.

Internet Special 2: NCT & DOE Regulations Special
Removal and re-apply of 2 front door films - €80

The RSA has no difficulty with modifications so long as they don’t impair the safety of a vehicle, comply with the law and are not a nuisance to the public. To reflect the fact that some modifications can have wider negative impacts, we've added two additional tests to the NCT.

Solar Protection

Arrive Relaxed
Keep cool
Keeps you car’s interior pleasantly cool and helps to take the strain off your air conditioner – and your nerves.
Built-in sunglasses
Blocks up to 99% of UV rays and effectively shields rear-seat passengers large and small.
Colours remain colourful
Upholstery and interior trim are protected against fading, ageing and material fatigue caused by UV.
Easy view
Anti-glare property for easy viewing of video displays and monitors in the rear of your car.

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