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Car Window Tinting


Act responsibly

Discretion with a clear vision

Active privacy for your passengers and valuables – while retaining perfect visibility.

Your personal bodyguard

Effective protection against shards of broken glass in the event of an accident - without hindering rescuers.

Fewer opportunities for thieves

Improved protection against break-in means greater security for your valuables.

Non-stop on air

Does not interfere with signal receprion for your mobile phone, car radio and sat nav.

Solar Protection

Arrive Relaxed

Keep cool

Keeps you car’s interior pleasantly cool and helps to take the strain off your air conditioner – and your nerves.

Built-in sunglasses

Blocks up to 99% of UV rays and effectively shields rear-seat passengers large and small.

Colours remain colourful

Upholstery and interior trim are protected against fading, ageing and material fatigue caused by UV

Easy view

Anti-glare property for easy viewing of video displays and monitors in the rear of your car.


Show Your Class

Upgrade inclusive

Enhance the appearance of your car with distinctive, customised styling and make it a one-off.

Take pole position on the design grid

Treat yourself and your passengers to the unique combination of functionality, aesthetics and an exclusive driving experience.
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